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C2C Extends Support so You Can Go Further!


It’s that time… another year has come to an end. You may be focusing on the extra pounds gained, a to-do list not yet completed, or opportunities missed last year.

But the promise of a new year is before you! And with it comes a fresh start and new opportunities. We can all resolve to make a fresh start!

If you’ve been putting off finishing a degree… GREAT NEWS — this is YOUR year! Because the C2C program just got better.

How a Great Program Got Better

Undoubtedly, if you live in Mississippi and previously left college without completing your degree, you have heard about the Complete 2 Compete program… maybe from a friend, coworker, or helpful parent. Maybe you even know someone who returned to college and earned a degree with the help of C2C. If so, then you’ve heard first-hand accounts of the advantages of earning a degree.

A college degree demonstrates a person’s dedication and tenacity. Many grads find they qualify for a job promotion, pay raise, or simply the ability to change their line of work. It’s definitely an achievement. But some who earn a degree after taking an extended “break” from college, find themselves wanting more. The personal and professional satisfaction of completing a life goal motivates them to reach even higher. They get hooked…and simply want to keep going and achieve more. As one grad put it “…it was much different this time around…it wasn’t as I remembered. I’m in a different place and can really see how it’s all going to help me go further.”

This is the case with many adults who return to college after two or more years to complete their associate degree through C2C. They want to go on to complete their bachelor’s degree and enjoy the added opportunities it provides. Now, some of these students are able to make the financial sacrifices necessary to continue, many, however, cannot without the support C2C provides. You see, due to funding limitations, the C2C program limits assistance provided to returning adults to their first college degree. If that first degree is an associate degree, then there is no support to continue on to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Well, C2C listened to the feedback from many C2C grads, and thanks to a generous funding partner, the program has expanded. Beginning January 1, 2023, if you qualify to return to college through the C2C program and complete an associate degree, you can be eligible for C2C support to also complete a bachelor’s degree!

Yep, C2C has expanded the opportunities for returning students! C2C now offers grant money and coach support plus many adult student resources to complete two degrees through these two pathways:

      1. Associate to Bachelor’s Pathway — C2C students who return to a participating community college and complete an associate degree, can be eligible for continued C2C Grant assistance and C2C Coach support to pursue any bachelor’s degree at a participating university! Students simply need to maintain continuous enrollment.

      1. University Studies Degree Program — Returning adults who already have an associate degree and meet the requirements for the University Studies Degree Program, can now be eligible for not only C2C Coach support but ALSO the assistance provided by the renewable $1,000 C2C Grant.

    So, prepare to put “Better Job” and “More Pay” at the top of your New Year’s resolutions!

    Special Offer for C2C Associate Grads

    Okay, so if you’re a C2C program alum who returned and completed your associate degree after 2017, this is the point where you may be feeling gipped! After all, this opportunity was not available when you returned to complete your associate degree. But fear not, we have you covered! For all of 2023, C2C is making it possible for you to take advantage of this opportunity too!

    Yep… that’s right, beginning in January 2023, C2C will waive the continuous enrollment requirement for those who received an associate degree with the help of C2C prior to 2023. So, come back and you’ll be eligible for coach support and if qualified, the renewable $1,000 C2C grant each term until you complete a bachelor’s degree!

    Value Added With a Bachelor’s Degree

    For many careers, a bachelor’s degree is now considered to be a requirement. This includes many fields in the sciences and in business, but also certain fields where an associate degree may provide only an entry-level opportunity. For example, while it may be possible to become a registered nurse by earning your associate degree from an accredited program, most hospitals now require more senior level nursing roles have at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

    Discover the University Studies Degree Program

    C2C participants have access to an exclusive degree program that helps returning adults make the most of their earned credits.

    If you have over 90 earned credits, you will definitely want to look into the University Studies Degree program. Available at every participating university, it gives adult learners a flexible path to a bachelor’s degree. It allows returning adults to tailor their degree program to their specific needs and FINISH a degree in less time! For many, it is the fastest path to a degree.

    The University Studies degree curriculum can be individualized based on the coursework you’ve already completed and your career goals. This degree program also allows for grade forgiveness, and at participating institutions, you can even apply up to 30 hours of technical credits toward the degree.

    If you changed your major one or more times, you may find that this program is the ideal way to have your earned credits count toward a bachelor’s degree. This means you may be able to complete a degree faster than you thought possible. In fact, you could be among the thousands of students who qualify for the degree with little or no additional coursework!

    You Have Options

    The University Studies Degree may be perfect for some, but it is certainly not your only option. In fact, C2C can help you return and pursue ANY degree that is available at Mississippi’s 9 public universities and medical center. And all learning preferences are also open to you. Whether you prefer online or in-person classes, all options available at the institution you return to are available to you.

    Regardless of where you are today, a degree can give you the respect you deserve, and the know-how and confidence you’ll need to tackle the changes ahead and create a better life for you and your family. As one adult graduate said, “I dreamt of a degree for two reasons – first, to serve as an example for my kids, and second, because I felt I needed it to be considered an equal by the people I was doing business with. And I actually did it… I’m living proof that you’re never too old to do great things.”

    Whether you are a woman wanting to break out of a “traditionally” female career, or a man looking to advance in your current workplace, returning to college to complete your bachelor’s degree with C2C gives you a wide range of skills and opportunities to reach your career goals.

    Ready to Explore the Possibilities?

    The Complete 2 Compete (C2C) program is supported by coaches at each of Mississippi’s 24 participating institutions. Each coach is passionate about helping you create and complete a degree plan that is right for you! Your coach will also be there to assist, provide encouragement and connect you with all the university resources available to help you complete your degree. Get started today on being one degree better!

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      C2C is a state program that helps Mississippi adults who previously attended college earn a degree and create a brighter future.