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Answers to Questions That are Holding You Back


You have been thinking about finishing that degree, and there is no time better! You know having that degree can really open some doors and help create a better life for you and your family; but you remain unsure. Well, let’s see if we can make it easier for you.

 We have compiled some of the most common concerns returning students have raised and addressed them in this article. If we have not touched on yours, give us a ring!     

“I want to finish my degree, but can I afford it?”

Well, you are in luck! The C2C program has established a renewable grant that is just for returning students. The C2C Grant was created to help you get back to college and then address the costs of completing your degree. The grant awards eligible students $1,000 every qualifying semester until their degree is completed. These funds can be applied to help pay for tuition and related expenses at any of Mississippi’s community colleges or public universities. Then the grant can be renewed every semester.

You are eligible to apply for the C2C Grant after being accepted into the C2C program. Simply complete the application survey. Our call center representatives will then provide you with an informative phone orientation right away! You will be matched to your local C2C coach at the institution. They will initiate the application and the entire application can be completed completely online!

But it does not stop there! In addition to the C2C Grant App, you’ll also be provided with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Mississippi State Aid applications. This will ensure you are considered for all the current state and federal assistance programs!

“I took a lot of classes, and I have a lot of credits, but will they all count toward a degree?”

The University Studies bachelor’s degree program may be just the ticket for you! This is another program designed exclusively for C2C. It was established for adults who invested a lot of time and energy in earning college credits but left school without finishing their degree. If this sounds like you, the Bachelor of University Studies Degree offers a lot of benefits.

  • Flexibility in fulfilling core requirements
  • Grade forgiveness (for that class(es) you had trouble with last time)
  • Acceptance of technical credits (up to 30 hours at all eight public Mississippi universities)
  • The support of a C2C Coach to develop the best degree plan possible for you

You can be eligible to earn your University Studies degree if you:

  • Are accepted into the C2C Program
  • Have previously earned at least 90 credit hours
  • Have NOT completed a baccalaureate degree
  • Have been out of college for the last 24 months or more

“I really don’t have any idea where to start and am intimidated by today’s college system.”

We anticipated many might feel intimidated by the process of re-admission, particularly if it’s been a while since leaving college. That is why we match every Complete 2 Compete participant with a Coach at their school. This is one aspect that really makes the program special.

C2C Coaches are experienced college staff members, especially qualified to help adult learners with the process of evaluating their earned credits and exploring degree options. The C2C Coach provides support every step of the way – from admissions to initiating the C2C Grant through enrollment until degree completion.

In other words, you do not need to worry about managing your way through the transcript review and re-admission process alone. Your C2C Coach will help you find your fastest pathway to a degree, maximizing the application of your earned credits. They will help you create a roadmap and be there with ongoing support to help you stay on track. From initiating your C2C Grant Application through graduation!

 “I am working and have school-aged kids as well, when would I fit it in going to class?”

One of the most helpful changes for adult learners over the past few years has been the advancement of online learning. Now it is possible to take most of your classes online and, in some cases, complete entire degree programs virtually.

This option alone can make all the difference for working adults. At-home parents also take advantage of online programs. They are convenient and offer flexibility for completing coursework on their schedule. The growth in online classes has been a ‘’game-changer” for those who were previously unable to finish a degree due to their unpredictable and demanding schedules. Now you can attend many classes anywhere and at any time of day you are available.

“Colleges are just not set up to help folks like me!”

It may surprise you to know that as of 2021 more than 1 out of 3 students enrolled in college are older than 25! Mississippi’s community colleges and public universities recognize that, and each has developed programs to help. There is a range of support services and local programs to help returning students just like you achieve their goal of graduation.

To help you connect with these programs we have compiled a complete listing of Institutional Support Services and Programs Serving Non-Traditional Students across our 24 participating community colleges and universities. institutions and provided them for you on an easy-to-read and access chart. Visit the resource page to see for yourself!

“Sure I’d like to get my degree, but I have young kids and an elderly dad to take care of.”

Here is where C2C’s partnership with the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) may be able to help. MDHS provides services that could eliminate barriers for adults seeking to return to college. The department offers a wide range of public assistance programs, social services, and support for children, low-income individuals, and families. This vital resource provides services including:

Child Care Services

  • Child Support Services
  • Early Childhood Care & Development

Financial & Family Services

  • Community Services
  • Economic Assistance
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Youth/Adolescent Services

Training/Employment Services

  • EDGE Program
  • SNAP Employment and Training (E&T)
  • TANF Work Program (TWP)
  • Workforce Development

Senior Care Services

  • Adult Protective Services
  • Aging and Adult Services
  • Family Caregiver Support Program

Health & Insurance Services

  • Healthy Families Mississippi
  • Mississippi Access to Care (MAC) Centers
  • State Health Insurance Program (SHIP)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

Take the first step today

The C2C Program was designed to help Mississippi adults go back to college and complete their degrees. You will work with people that know the ins and outs of college and who are committed to giving you the support and guidance you need.


C2C is a state program that helps Mississippi adults who previously attended college earn a degree and create a brighter future.