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Career Spotlight – Information Technology (IT)


Make yourself valuable to employers

Information has been described as the “most valuable currency of the 21st century.” Companies from small shops to international corporations rely on information – on customers, trends, competitors, resources, global markets, and more. That makes the people who can deliver this information extremely valuable. It’s called information technology (IT), and if you know how to use technology to collect, analyze, manage, and protect critical information, companies in a wide range of industries need you.

Let’s look at the advantages of earning an IT degree.

Why study information technology

As the need for information grows, your degree in IT will give you so many strong benefits.

More Career Options

You can choose what aspect of IT you want to specialize in – from collecting data (database administrator, network architect, programmer, etc.) to analyzing and protecting it (systems analyst, information security analyst, data analyst, etc.) to applying it (IT project manager, software engineer, web developer, etc.). Or strike out on your own and create your own consulting business.

Demand for your skills

You can choose what industry you want to work in – from healthcare and hospitality to manufacturing or marketing, and anywhere else the flow of information is crucial to success. Almost every company needs a team of computer experts to keep their systems running smoothly.

Higher pay

IT professionals are paid well. Depending on your skills and the industry you choose, you can expect above-average compensation for your services. The current demand for computer experts in relevant areas such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, and network security, have salaries on the rise. See below for a list of examples of IT careers and the corresponding average salaries.


You can choose whether you prefer to work solo or collaborate as part of an IT team. Technology also enables a growing number of IT professionals to work remotely, making it an ideal career for parents with young kids at home.

Ongoing education

Technology changes by the day. To keep up, many companies will provide (and even insist on) you taking ongoing education. That means your knowledge base and skill set are always up to date.

Why employers like IT graduates

They aren’t just looking for solid technical skills. Employers know how IT graduates have been trained to think. They know your IT degree means you have the following well-developed skills.

Critical thinking – the ability to think both logically and creatively is extremely valuable

Communication skills – both verbal and written skills are essential in today’s workplace

Planning and problem-solving – that IT brain of yours works in a wide array of corporate situations

Attention to detail – IT skills require you to plan and execute projects, and that’s what they need

A career with growth potential

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in information technology occupations are projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, with a “greater emphasis on cloud computing, the collection, and storage of big data, and information security.”

You can begin your career in IT with either an associate or bachelor’s degree. Here is a small sample of the types of careers you can pursue with a degree in IT.


IT degrees right here in Mississippi

According to the listing of Best Colleges for Information Technology in Mississippi on, 17 of Mississippi’s 24 public colleges made the grade of accredited information technology schools in Mississippi.

Complete your IT degree

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