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Pharmacy Technician: A Rewarding & Growing MS Job


Are you stuck in a job that’s unfulfilling but don’t know how to get out? If you’ve attended college in the past, you might just be closer than you think to an associate degree. Applying the college credits you’ve earned in the past can be the first step to completing a degree and setting you on the road to a new career as a pharmacy technician or even a Pharmacist.

This exciting career opportunity is one of the fastest-growing jobs in Mississippi with an impressive growth rate of over 115%. By 2024, it’s estimated that there will be 3,820 open positions as a pharmacy technician. With a competitive salary, great job security, and easy accessibility, this might just be the career break you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s take a deep dive into the benefits of this particular job and the different paths returning students can take to achieve their degree goals.

Interested in the pharmaceutical industry?

If you’re interested in making your way into the pharmaceutical space but don’t know where to begin, don’t stress! It might be easier than you think. In fact, you only need an associate degree to land a job as a pharmacy technician – a great entry-level position. With a bachelor’s degree, you can go even further in the field. These professionals are responsible for assisting pharmacists with everyday functions including prescription fulfillment, record-keeping, managing other staff members, and more.

Multiple paths forward

If you’ve been out of college for two years or even a few decades, earning a degree toward becoming a pharmacy technician might be closer than you think. With the help of the C2C Program, you can pick up where you left off in your academic career with relative ease. By taking advantage of credits you’ve earned in the past, you can get a head start on your degree. Depending on your goals and school history, there are several different paths you can take toward your goal as a pharmacy technician.

Reverse Transfer Credits

The reverse transfer is a special option offered by the Mississippi C2C Program that’s geared towards returning students who transferred to a four-year university from a community college but didn’t graduate. You must have left the community college with at least 16 credits and have a total of 60 hours including your four-year credits that can transfer in order to qualify for this option. By sending those four-year credits back to your original community college, you may be able to earn an associate degree and move closer to a career as a pharmacy technician.

The associate + bachelor’s degree option

If you’re interested in earning an associate degree but don’t want to stop there, the associate + bachelor’s degree option might be the perfect choice for you. This academic path allows you to use the reverse transfer credits to earn your associate degree while continuing on to complete your bachelor’s degree. Instead of having to settle for one, you can earn both at the same time! The associate + bachelor’s degree option puts you in an even better position to excel in the pharma industry.

Benefits of working in a pharmacy

  1. Demand – Pharmacy technician is the 20th fastest-growing job in Mississippi, with thousands of new jobs expected to open up in the next 4 years. This continued growth rate ensures there will be a demand for qualified individuals for years to come.
  2. Upward mobility – As one of the largest sectors in the US, the pharma industry has many opportunities for motivated individuals who want to further their careers. Upward mobility means a brighter future and a higher salary.
  3. Job security – Long-term employment is something all professionals worry about. Fortunately, the need for healthcare providers and medicine is never going away. This makes your position as a pharmacy technician incredibly secure.
  4. Accessibility – You don’t need to have a postgraduate degree or even a graduate degree to start working as a pharmacy technician. While it’s always a good idea to finish your bachelor’s, you can get into this field with an associate degree.


Pharmacy technicians make great money

As a pharmacy technician in Mississippi, you’ll be earning a great wage for an entry-level position. With the average salary hovering around $30,640, graduates can feel really confident about where they stand professionally right after completing their degrees. As mentioned earlier, the upward mobility of the field makes it possible for you to continue earning more as you gain more experience and further your degree.

Whether you decide to earn your degree through the reverse transfer or associate + bachelor’s degree options, there are several community colleges and universities throughout Mississippi that offer relevant degrees for students aspiring to enter the workforce as pharmacy technicians to forge a brighter future. Let’s take a look at some colleges you can attend:

  1. University of Mississippi
  2. Mississippi State University
  3. Meridian Community College
  4. Itawamba Community College
  5. Northwest Mississippi Community College
  6. Hinds Community College
  7. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
  8. Holmes Community College


When C2C comes into play

All of the community colleges and universities mentioned in that list participate in the Complete 2 Compete (C2C Program) – an initiative developed by Mississippi’s Community College Board and the Mississippi Institutions for Higher Learning. Through the program, adult learners can expand their opportunities by completing their degrees in order to secure a brighter future with improved job prospects. Whether you’re currently working in the pharmaceutical industry or want to get your toe in the door, having a degree is key.

C2C will be your guide

The Complete 2 Compete Program was designed with the sole purpose of helping adult students like you return to school to finish their degrees. All eligible participants are paired with a dedicated C2C Coach that will help find the quickest route toward graduation depending on their unique goals and circumstances. Program participants also have the opportunity to apply for the C2C Grant to help ease the financial burden that comes with returning to college. 

Reach out to a C2C representative today to find the fastest route to graduation (be sure to mention your interest as a pharmacy technician).



C2C is a state program that helps Mississippi adults who previously attended college earn a degree and create a brighter future.