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The Best Start for a Fresh Start


So you’re enrolled and set to return to school for a fresh start. Whether you were motivated by the prospects of improving your job opportunities, wanting to set a good example for your kids, or fulfilling a personal goal, a college degree will help you in achieving a brighter future.

The C2C Program provides a clear path towards graduation as you and your coach will evaluate your degree options and define those courses you’ll complete to reach your goal. But ultimately, it’s up to you to make the most of that opportunity. Here, we’ll take a look at key preparation steps that returning adult students can take to set themselves up for success!

The Importance of Starting Early

Congratulations on successfully returning to college to finally complete those courses you need to earn that degree! It’s been a long time coming and now that you’re officially back, you’ll want to do everything you can to make the most of this opportunity.

What you do leading up to and during your first few weeks can really set the tone for the rest of the school year. That’s why it’s important to get started planning as early as possible. If you end up waiting too long, you may find yourself scrambling.

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

After the first meeting with your C2C Coach, you’ll already have a clear idea of your path towards graduation. You and your coach will have devised a personalized plan based on your previous credits, current circumstances, and long-term goals.

This outline provides the framework for your return to college, but it’s your job to fill in the rest. Putting together your own plan can make for a smoother return to ensure you’re considering all your priorities as you map out your fresh start. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Schedule Key Dates

Returning to school means a whole new calendar to keep track of. And if you’re balancing work and family on top of college, that’s three different schedules to maintain. Yikes! Instead of trying to manage these schedules separately, try combining your calendars to help avoid any conflict.  

Be sure to include all of the key dates for college including tests, projects, and renewal deadlines. If you recognize any scheduling issues, try to solve them early to avoid headaches down the road.

Share Your Schedule

Once you’ve successfully created a master schedule combining all of your responsibilities, it’s time to clue in those around you. Sharing your availability with work and family can help reduce some of the anxiety you might feel when returning to school. It also gives loved ones and colleagues an opportunity to celebrate your return to school along with the insight needed to recognize your time obligations and offer support when you need it.

Set Goals for Yourself

Another excellent way to set yourself up for success when returning to college is to make goals for the school year. Maybe you have a goal of choosing a new career path, building a network, or passing a difficult course. No matter the specifics, having concrete and achievable objectives gives you clear targets to work towards. Get input on these goals from your C2C Coach to make sure they support your overall graduation plan and set regular meetings to stay on track to reach them.

Take Advantage of School Resources

Mississippi schools offer a wealth of resources to help adults make their return to college a success. Your C2C Coach can connect you with resources at your school designed to help students avoid common pitfalls. If there’s something you can’t find on campus, your coach can help track it down from somewhere else.

Keep in mind that some resources such as career fairs and networking events are only held on select dates, so you’ll need to mark these important opportunities in your calendar early on to keep your schedule open. You wouldn’t want to miss out on helpful resources just because of a planning failure.

Plan Ahead for Next Semester

You might have just enrolled in college, but next semester will come quicker than you think. With the support of your C2C Coach, you should keep tabs on key requirements and deadlines so you remain on track to complete your degree in time.

Skipping out on a semester not only sets you back in achieving your goals but also nullifies your eligibility for the C2C Grant. You must remain enrolled in college to continue receiving this renewable grant.

Sharing Your Success Plan: A Real-Life Example

Making a plan is only half the battle when it comes to setting yourself up for success when returning to school. The other half is sharing this plan with those in your circle, including work and family. This makes it easier to avoid potential conflicts while getting the support you need.

Let’s say you have a weekly commitment to picking your child up from basketball practice on Thursdays. You have an upcoming test on Friday this week that you need all day Thursday to prepare. Sharing this information beforehand with those closest to you instead of dropping it on them at the last minute makes it easier for your family to accommodate your needs.

Your C2C Coach Will Help You Succeed

C2C Coaches are the driving force behind the C2C program because of their unwavering support of returning students and their insider connections with school resources. Setting yourself up for success when completing your degree will include regular meetings with your coach to make sure everything is going smoothly. When setting up your own plan, be sure to consult with your coach to receive the feedback you need to perfect it.

Build a Brighter Future with Help from C2C

Are you an adult Mississippian who left college without a degree but always dreamed about going back? The C2C Program can help! This program is specifically designed to help adults just like you return to college to complete their degrees. Eligible participants are paired with a committed C2C Coach who will figure out the quickest path to graduation given their unique circumstances. 

Your C2C Coach will work alongside you from enrollment until you walk across the graduation stage. Some students might even qualify for the renewable $1,000 C2C Grant to help alleviate the financial burden of returning to school.

Take just a few minutes to complete the C2C survey and connect with a personal C2C Coach today. Your fresh start is just around the corner.


C2C is a state program that helps Mississippi adults who previously attended college earn a degree and create a brighter future.