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Want to enjoy your college experience? Join the club


One great way to enhance your college experience is to get involved with some of the many student clubs and organizations a school offers. Whether it’s for academic advancement, to enrich your skills in your chosen career, or just to expand your social circle with some peers, let’s look at some of the many reasons to join a club.

Yes, you can

First – if you’re thinking that, as a non-traditional or older student, you can’t get anything out of a student organization, think again. These groups center around specific topics, issues and interests. They don’t care how old you are, if you have kids, or how many classes you’re taking. They are looking for people who share their passion and to make a positive impact.

What’s in it for you

Lots of good things happen when you engage with a student organization. Here’s what’s in it for you.

Professional Experience – There are many student organizations dedicated to encouraging career development, and you’re bound to find one in your chosen field. This will give you the chance for some more real-world experience… before you head back into the real world.

Networking – It never hurts to have more friends and peers you can stay in contact with as you pursue your post-degree career.

Meet New People – Many times, adult students don’t have as many opportunities to meet new people. With a club/organization, you can develop friendships with people who share your interests.

Try Things Out – Before you spend too much time preparing for a career in ____________, spend some time with a student organization and see if you even LIKE ________________. (Yes, you can fill in those blanks with any career path – from nursing to accounting to social work.)

Types of organizations

There are lots of reasons to join a club or organization, so look for one that matches your goals, whatever they are.

  1. Academic Clubs – Join students in your major, expand your knowledge, and get/give academic support along the way. Great way to keep your grades up!

  2. Arts/Cultural Organizations – Share your interest and enjoy events in specific arts or ethnic cultures. You’ll likely make a lot of friends in these groups!

  3. Spiritual Groups – These are a natural draw. Gather with people who share your faith or religion or spiritual interests.

  4. Sports Clubs – Whether you want to play flag football for the exercise, or are just looking for a fantasy football club to compete against, there are countless sports groups on almost every campus.

  5. Public Service – Nothing is more fulfilling than using some of your free time to give back to the community. Colleges are great places to find groups that provide services to the community – delivering meals to the homebound, planting community gardens, building/renovating homes,etc.

  6. Anything/Everything Else – The school doesn’t have a club for what interests you? All schools encourage you to start a new organization. (They might even provide some resources to do it!)

Really busy? Just drop-in.

If personal and professional obligations prevent you from joining a campus organization, look for “drop-in” opportunities. These one-time events – lectures, workshops, think tanks, competitions, etc. – give you the opportunity to expand your academic exposure without having to commit to an organization that demands more of your time.

Use your C2C Coach

It’s important to find a club or organization that “fits” you well. Your C2C Coach can be a great resource for finding the right group. They know your availability, your interests, and most importantly, your career goals, so they can use their expertise and knowledge of the school to recommend the best possible fit.

Groups to check out at MS schools

Wondering what clubs and organizations are offered at MS schools? Here are some quick links to show you what students like you are doing on MS campuses.

Alcorn State University
Coahoma Community College
Copiah-Lincoln Community College
Delta State University
East Central Community College
East Mississippi Community College
Hinds Community College
Holmes Community College
Itawamba Community College
Jackson State University
Jones County Junior College
Meridian Community College
Mississippi Delta Community College
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
Mississippi State University
Mississippi University for Women
Mississippi Valley State University
Northeast Mississippi Community College
Northwest Mississippi Community College
Pearl River Community College
Southwest Mississippi Community College
University of Mississippi
University of Southern Mississippi

An organization designed for your success

If you are considering returning to college to complete your degree, Complete 2 Compete could be a perfect fit for you. C2C provides resources and support to help Mississippi adults go back to college and complete their degrees. From the guidance of C2C Coaches to the flexibility of the University Studies degree, C2C is here to provide support every step of the way – from enrollment through degree completion. Participants of the C2C program are even eligible to apply for the renewable C2C Grant which offers $1,000 in financial support to help pay for classes and reduce the cost of returning to college.

Contact C2C today and find out how close you are to completing your degree.


C2C is a state program that helps Mississippi adults who previously attended college earn a degree and create a brighter future.