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Work on your own terms


Cell phones. Email. Text messaging. Video conferencing. All these technological advances could impact not only your dream job… but also your dream job location! Imagine doing the job you’ve always wanted while working, either part-time or full-time, from the comfort of your own home. No commuting. No child care expenses. No annoying office politics.

This is the dream for many people. If it’s your dream too, you can make decisions now – including going back to complete your degree – that can make that dream a reality.

The satisfaction of flexible jobs

According to, 3.3 million full-time employees (excluding the self-employed) consider their home as their primary place of work. That’s a lot of remote workers.

And they tend to be happier. Perhaps because remote workers enjoy more sleep (45 percent), eat healthier (42 percent), and get more physical exercise (35 percent) than their in-office counterparts. And telecommuters are also 50% more likely to stay in the same job.

You’re in the driver’s seat

The market for the best employees is very competitive. Employers are constantly looking for ways to entice talented people to their companies. In addition to great compensation and increased benefits, the flexibility of hours and location is quickly becoming one of the most popular incentives.

And you can benefit dramatically from that.

Here’s what’s in it for you

  1. A better work-life balance. Working remotely gives flexible hours and a flexible schedule can give you more time for your own personal pursuits. In a 2019 study, it was discovered that many of people who worked remotely said this was the most important benefit to them.

  2. Reduced stress. The grind of commuting at rush hour and navigating office politics can take its toll on you. Working remotely or on a flexible schedule eliminates these stressors and improves both your mental and physical health.

  3. Strengthened personal and family relationships. The more time you’re at home, the more time you can share with the people you truly want to spend time with.

  4. Independence. Depending on your employer (or being self-employed), you have the autonomy to create your own work schedule. i.e. If you’re more productive early in the morning, start a couple of hours early every day and knock off a couple of hours early.

  5. Save money. Working remotely is also much better on your budget. You’ll likely save on a lot of things like gas, parking, lunches, childcare, and even not having to buy a separate wardrobe for work.

Choose wisely

By selecting the right degree and the right career, you can build a long-term career with the flexibility you need. You may never have to work in an office. studied the most prominent work-from-home job titles and the most common industries for telecommuters and developed a list of the five college degrees that are best-suited to help you land a high-paying, flexible career:

  1. Business, management, or leadership

  2. Education

  3. Accounting or finance

  4. Accounting or finance

  5. Accounting or finance

This is great news for adults returning to school to complete their degrees. Armed with this information, you can make an informed choice about the career that best fits your lifestyle. If family obligations are an obstacle to taking a traditional office job, you now know what jobs are most likely to give you the freedom of a remote job.

A few examples

While there are many jobs that fit well with working from home, some are better suited for it than others. Here are a few of the more common remote work positions:

*All average salaries are sourced from

Flexible jobs in Mississippi

Our home state offers its fair share of job opportunities that allow flex scheduling or working entirely from home. And more and more are being offered online every day at sites like Find current MS flexible jobs right now at

Get started remotely

The one thing that the majority of flexible jobs have in common is that they require an associate or bachelor’s degree. That’s where Complete 2 Compete can help.

You can start working toward completing your degree and then getting a work-from-home job by contacting C2C. Working with your C2C Coach, you can find the right degree to start you on your path. You can also discuss options for completing some or all of your coursework remotely through the many online options offered by Mississippi schools.

C2C is the first step

C2C provides resources and support to help Mississippi adults go back to college and complete their degrees. From the guidance of C2C Coaches to the flexibility of the University Studies degree to financial assistance through the C2C Grant, C2C is here to provide support for you every step of the way – from enrollment through degree completion.

Contact C2C today and find out how close you are to completing your degree.


C2C is a state program that helps Mississippi adults who previously attended college earn a degree and create a brighter future.