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Your Guide Across the Finish Line


As a returning student, it’s probably been a while since you’ve been to college. Whether you last attended a few years or a few decades ago, you’ll notice a lot has changed in the college experience. Luckily, you’re not on your own when returning to complete your degree when you enroll through the C2C Program. In addition to the grant funding and other benefits, you also have the support of a committed C2C Coach. They are there – from enrollment all the way through to graduation – to help you finish what you started.

Let’s take a closer look at the key role these coaches play and why so many program graduates say they’re so critical to adults succeeding as a returning student.

The Heart of the C2C Program

The C2C Program offers a variety of resources to help non-traditional students just like you return to school to complete their college degrees. One of the most impactful and invaluable of these resources is the C2C Coaches.

C2C participants are paired with personal coaches who create an individualized path towards graduation based on each student’s unique strengths and goals. These dedicated coaches act as the heart of the entire program as they’re your ongoing support system and connection to resources throughout your entire enrollment period.

C2C Coaches Are the Key to Your Success

They’re Committed

Helping you achieve your goal of earning a degree isn’t just a sidenote on their job description; it’s a major role of C2C Coaches. Your coach is personally motivated to help you make the most of your return to school because it’s what they do. Furthermore, C2C Coaches are known for going above and beyond expectations to help students achieve their goals. Your successes quickly become their successes, which leads to even more progress. 

They’re Experts

When returning to college, you don’t just need someone to help you get enrolled and develop a plan for graduation. You also need ongoing assistance in finding and making the most of the resources available both on and off-campus. You’re in luck! C2C Coaches aren’t just experts in helping non-traditional students return to school, they’re also experts in the school you’re attending. Before ever stepping foot on campus, you’ll have a supporter on the inside who can help you get the tools and assistance you need to thrive.

They’re Experienced

C2C Coaches are passionate about their work, and it’s clear by how many end up in this position after working at a school for many years. In fact, the C2C Program has some coaches with over a decade of experience helping adult students make their return to college a success. You can rest assured you’re in knowledgeable and experienced hands when working with your coach. These experts have already helped hundreds of students complete their degrees. You could be next!

They’re Connected

When returning to college, you’re thrown into an entirely new world of tasks, requirements, to-dos, and responsibilities. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and a bit lost. But with a C2C Coach in your corner, you always know where to begin your search. Your coach will act as your access point to a wide network of connections where you’ll be able to find the resources and tools you need.

What C2C Coaches Say About Their Roles

All C2C Coaches are passionate about their roles in helping returning students complete their degrees. But each coach has a unique motivation or favorite part of their work. Here, we’ll take a look at the importance of C2C Coaches in their own words.

“Any time we can tell someone that they don’t have to take any more coursework and are eligible to walk across the stage with the next graduating class… this is why I love this program. I got to deliver that message to a [student] who had left college back in the 60s. Imagine finding out that you have enough credits to earn a degree when you are over 70 years old. Doesn’t get better than that.”

  • Carlos D. Wilson, C2C Coach at Jackson State University

“I returned to school as an adult and finished a degree. One of the things that impacted me the most this year is being able to help people also accomplish their degrees. It’s our job as the C2C Coach to put [students] at ease, to give [them] a plan so that you can finish that degree.”

  • Michele Arney, C2C Coach at East Mississippi Community College

“I love the determination these non-traditional students have. I’m committed to having the same determination to helping them. If [a student] has to talk to multiple people and jump through too many hoops, it gets really frustrating. My job is to do as much of that stuff for them as possible. That’s one of the great things about the C2C program.”

  • Shaquita Hopson is the C2C Coach at Meridian Community College (MCC), in Meridian, MS.

What C2C Students Say About C2C Coaches

Now that we’ve heard the importance of C2C Coaches according to the coaches themselves, let’s see the impact these committed professionals have on C2C Students:

“[My C2C Coach] never gave up on me! Through this journey to get my degree, I have had so many people leave me and give up on me, but not Mrs. Darla Poole (Delta State). It’s a beautiful thing to have someone in your corner that doesn’t want to leave your side.”

  • Kiara S. Chinn

“Coaches Jaiki Shumpert (MS State) and Bethany Miller (Holmes CC-Grenada) were like my very own guardian angels and private cheerleaders. Both were attentive to my fears and my doubts and were always available for consultation. I am forever grateful to them both.”

  • Juan Moss

“Ms. LeaAnn Knight (Co-Lin CC) was awesome from the very first email that I sent her. She got the ball rolling and did all the research on my past school, helped me to get together my schedule, and stayed in touch with me about all the necessary information to complete the process. “

  • Christy Shelby

How to Make the Most of Your C2C Coach

C2C Coaches are there to help you succeed in returning to school, but there are certain things you can do to make the most of this invaluable resource. Like all things in life, you get out what you put in. Here are some ways to ensure you’re getting the most from the time spent with your C2C Coaches:

Meet Regularly

All C2C students kickstart their return to college with an initial meeting where their C2C Coach will outline a personalized graduation plan. To make sure you remain on track towards success, it’s critical to meet with your coach regularly. Whether that’s once per month or a few times per semester is up to you and your coach. The point is to check in routinely with your coach to keep your progress in line with your overall goals.

Share Your Circumstances

Working with your C2C Coach is a two-way street. They can only offer as much help as you’re willing to ask for. Don’t be afraid to share your personal circumstances with your coach. Even if your C2C Coach can’t help you directly, they’ll find someone who can. Whether you’re struggling to balance work, school, and family or you can’t seem to pass a difficult class, let your coach know! It’s the only way they’ll know how to help you.

A C2C Coach is Your Key to Success

The only thing better than having a second chance to complete your college degree is having a personal, committed expert there with you every step of the way. And that’s exactly what you get in a C2C Coach – a passionate, experienced, and dedicated supporter who’s there to guide you from enrollment to graduation. To take full advantage of this invaluable resource though, you’ll need to take some initiative.

Reach Brighter Horizons Through the C2C Program

Are you an adult Mississippian who attended college in the past without graduating? Do you dream of returning to complete your degree? The C2C Program can help! As the only initiative of its kind in the state, C2C is focused on helping adult students just like you return to college to finish their degrees.

Eligible participants are paired with a committed C2C Coach (which you now know all about!) who will determine the quickest path to graduation based on their specific circumstances. Some participants might even receive the renewable $1,000 C2C Grant which is designed to help unload some of the financial burdens of attending school.

Fill out the C2C survey app and reach out to a C2C Coach today! Within just a few minutes, you’ll be much closer to brighter horizons.


C2C is a state program that helps Mississippi adults who previously attended college earn a degree and create a brighter future.