The C2C Grant

College costs shouldn’t stop you from returning to FINISH your degree.

C2C participants who qualify can receive a renewable $1,000 grant each semester to help pay for college costs.

Discover the C2C Grant

The grant was created to help students uncover available state & federal funds that can help pay for college tuition and fees, while also providing additional funds through the C2C Grant.
  • The C2C Grant provides $1,000 per semester to qualifying C2C participants to pay for college classes and educational expenses.
  • The grant does not need to be paid back.
  • If a financial hold is keeping you from accessing your transcripts at a participating institution, the grant can help.
  • It is easy to apply for the C2C Grant. The simple application is all online and can be completed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Contact your C2C Coach to start your grant application process.
  • The grant is only available to C2C program participants. If you are not yet part of C2C, you can learn more about the benefits or register for C2C.
  • The grant is renewable: Students can renew the grant each semester, and reapplying is even easier than the initial application!

We want everyone to have a chance to finish college and enjoy the opportunities that a degree provides. The C2C Grant exists to help returning adults overcome the financial barriers that can stand in the way of a degree!

Most C2C participants qualify for the grant, and as of April 2022 the program has awarded over $4.2 million.

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FAQs About the C2C Grant

No, the C2C Grant provides money that can be used toward tuition and educational expenses that does NOT need to be paid back.

The C2C Grant is only available to Mississippi residents who are attending a Mississippi public university or community college. Learn specific details on the Grant Details page under the “C2C Grant Eligibility and Qualifications” heading.

Only qualifying C2C participants can apply for the grant. If you are not yet a C2C student, please click here to register. C2C students should contact their C2C Coach for more information about applying for the grant.

 Yes! C2C program participants looking to return and complete their degree can use the C2C Grant to payback monies owed to participating Mississippi colleges.

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A wealth of resources and support are available through the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) for lower income individuals and families. This vital organization provides a wide range of public assistance programs and social services to improve the lives of Mississippians and help them become self-sufficient and engaged in improving their futures.

MDHS provides primary support for the Complete 2 Compete Program and serves as an invaluable resource to adults working to complete their degrees. Discover more about the services MDHS offers.  

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